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Allow and Block Phone Numbers

In the upper right corner underneath the Answering Rules bar, you will see the Allow and Block buttons.

This allows you to enter certain phone numbers to allow or prevent them from reaching you. Clicking the Allow/Block button will open the Allow/Block window.

On the left is the Allowed Numbers. This allows you to add numbers that are blocked by the domain so you can still receive calls from that user.

Phone numbers added to allow will also let the call bypass Call Screening. If you have Call Screening enabled in an answering rule but want certain phone numbers to not have to record their name when calling you, add them to the Allow field. When that number calls you, they will be sent directly to you and not have to record their name first like other callers not listed.

Block, located on the right side,allows you to add phone numbers you do not want to be able to reach you.

To add a phone number to Allow or Block, simply enter the number into the respective field and click the plus sign to add the phone number.

Updated on January 27, 2021

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