Answering Rules Settings

Answer Rules Setting  Description
Time FrameSelect a time frame to which this answering rule will be applied. The choices shown are the ones previously configured using the procedure under Adding Time Frames.   
EnabledAdd an answering rule: this check box does not appear.
Edit an answering rule:
•  Checked = enables this time frame for this user.
•  Unchecked = does not apply this time frame for this user.
Do Not DisturbEnables or disables the Do Not Disturb feature. Choices are:
•  Checked = enables Do Not Disturb. Send all calls directly to voicemail (if available), without ringing the phone.
•  Not checked = disables Do Not Disturb.
Call ScreeningEnables or disables the Call Screening feature. Choices are:
• Checked = enables Call Screening. The platform prompts callers to say their names and then lets you screen the call before accepting it.
• Not checked = disables Call Screening.
Call Forwarding OptionsSelect the following appropriate Call Forwarding settings. When entering another extension as a Call Forward option, a drop-down menu allows you to forward the call to specific resources associated with that extension. Some settings might not appear, depending on the features associated with the given extension.
Choices are:
• Always = immediately forward calls to the number specified in the text field.
• When busy = forward calls to the number specified in the text field when your extension has used all available call paths.
• When unanswered = forward calls to the number specified in the text field if the call is not answered after the specified ring timeout.
• When offline = automatically forward calls to the number specified in the text field if your desk phone has lost communication (for example, during a power outage).
Simultaneous RingSimultaneous Ring, also known as SIM ring for short, allows you to configure what devices ring when receiving a call. Clicking the Simultaneous Ring box will allow you to ring more than just your extension and allows you to ring other extensions or phone numbers as well.

• Include user’s extension = check to ring the user’s extension when SIM ring is enabled.
• Ring all users’ phones = check to ring all phones associated with this user at the same time.
• Answer confirmation for off-net numbers = lets the user know that the call is from an outside caller and gives them the option to be connected by pressing 1 or hanging up so that they are not connected to the caller.

In this field, you can enter the extension of another telephone you want to ring.

The clock icon allows you to specify a ring delay. A ring delay allows you to enter the amount of time before the call rings at the destination. To add other phones to the simultaneous ring, click the green plus icon.
Just Ring User’s ExtensionEnables or disables the ringing of your telephone only.
•  Checked = incoming call rings just your telephone.
•  Not checked = feature is disabled.
Updated on February 8, 2023

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