Bulk Edit Users

While users can be edited on an individual basis, there are times when you need to edit several users at once. The Bulk Edit Users feature allows the selection of multiple users and the ability to edit specific values at one time.  There is currently no limit to the number of users who can be selected to bulk edit.

For example, a company is creating a new department and retiring an old department. The users under the old department need to be moved to the new department. Rather than editing individual users or managing an import/export of user field values, the admin can select all the users at once, select the new department, and the change will be applied immediately. 

1. From the portal, navigate to Users. The “Bulk Action”, “Bulk Edit”, and “Delete” options will display only after selecting users that are to be edited. You can select ALL by selecting the first checkbox. 

2. Select the fields and values you want to bulk change, and then click Save. The changes will be applied to all users that were selected.

In the example below, an administrator is changing the department and scope for two users (John D. and Jimmy H). After clicking save, both users will now have Call Center Agent access in the Engineering department. Their previous scopes and departments will no longer apply.

Updated on May 22, 2024

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