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Changing the Active Answering Rule

You can define multiple answering rules, but only one rule can be active at a time. The active rule is the first rule with a matching time frame. Best practices dictate that you order answering rules according to how specific they are, with the most specific time frames (for example, Holidays) at the top.

Assume today is Tuesday, December 25th. In this example, the Holidays and Open time frames could match the time and date conditions for December 25th.  If Holidays is the first rule, however, it becomes the active rule. But if Open is the first rule, Open becomes the active rule.

To specify a rule other than the top one as the active rule:

1. In the Answering Rules tab, find the rule you want to designate as the active rule.

2. On the left side of the Answering Rules tab, hover the mouse over the up/down arrows for that rule (the pointer changes to a 4-headed arrow).

3. Hold down your mouse button, drag the rule to the top row, and then release the mouse button. A message tells you that the answering rules have been reprioritized and prompts you to click Save.

4. Click Save.  The Active designation appears next to the topmost time frame.

Updated on February 8, 2023

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