Conference Settings

Conference SettingDescription
NameEnter a name for this bridge. The name should allow you to differentiate this bridge from other bridges you configured.
TypeSelect the conference type. Choices are: Dedicated conference bridge creates a conference bridge that only you will be able to modify. Owned conference bridge creates a conference bridge that the owner can modify. For an owned conference bridge, the platform will ask you for the extension of the owner.
ExtensionAdding a conference: select the extension used to join this conference. Editing a conference: read-only field that shows the extension.
Direct Phone NumberThe number used to reach the user’s conference bridge directly. If you have available phone numbers, you can assign them by selecting them from the drop-down. If you do not see any phone numbers in the drop drown, there are no available phone numbers and one must be added to the inventory or you can select a number already pointed to another destination and reconfigure it to point to the conference bridge.
Leader PINThe leader PIN is what people who will be administering the conference bridge enter when joining the conference. Leaders can enter star codes to manipulate the behavior of the conference bridge. Enter the personal identification number (PIN) that the leader will use to authenticate access when joining the meeting. This PIN is private and should be known by internal staff only.
Participant PINThe Participant PIN is what people that are invited to join the conference bridge without having any elevated privileges and are only able to listen and speak when unmuted. Enter the PIN that participants will use to authenticate access when joining the meeting. Distribute this PIN to all guests of the meeting.  
Minimum participants to startKeeps the Music on Hold playing until the minimum number of participants have joined the conference bridge. Select the minimum number of participants that must attend the conference before it can start.
OptionsSelect the following options: Require a Leader to start — This option will keep the Music on Hold playing for all parties until someone joins the conference bridge and enters the leader PIN. Prompt all participants for their names – This option will prompt all participants to record their names and play the recording to people already in the conference bridge when joining. Announce participant arrivals/departures – This option announces the participants’ arrival/departure, playing the recording of the participant’s name when entering or exiting the conference bridge.
Updated on February 8, 2023

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