Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab provides an overview of all the contacts in your organization and provides a status indicator. 

  • A green circle displayed next to a user’s name and extension means that the user is currently available.
  • A red circle means that the user is currently unavailable as they are already on the phone or have set their status to Do Not Disturb.
  • A gray circle means that they are offline.

There are a variety of filtering options to help you find the right contact quickly:

  1. Sorted by status indicator, first name, last name, or extension.
  2. Filtered by department.
  3. Groups can be created to display other subsets of users. Favorites are those contacts that are selected as favorites from the Contacts will be carried over from the portal contacts favorites section.

Clicking on a Contact will bring up a new window where you can call the contact at their extension, their work contact, mobile number, or their home contact number. You can also leave a voicemail for the contact.

Updated on January 27, 2021

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