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Creating a new Answering Rule with Simultaneous Ring

If you want to create a rule when receiving an incoming call during business hours to ring your extension for 45 seconds before sending the call to voicemail, then after 10 seconds ring your cell phone, then after 30 seconds, ring a receptionist’s extension, and go to voicemail after business hours, follow these steps:

  • On the Answering Rule page, adjust the Ring for timeout option to 45 seconds.
  • Create a new rule by clicking Add Rule in the Answering Rules center.
  • On the Add an Answering Rule window select the Time Frame you would like the rule to be in effect.
  • Make sure Enabled has a checked box.
  • Click the Simultaneous ring option under Call Forwarding.
  • Click Include user’s extension to ring our phone.
  • Enable Answer confirmation for offnet numbers so your cell phone voicemail does not take the call if your voicemail answers the call.
  • In the Extension, number, or phone field enter the cell phone number you would like to ring then click the Ring Delay option and slide to 10 seconds.
  • Then click the plus sign next to the Extension, number, or phone field and in the new window that appears enter the extension of the receptionist 1003 and click Save.
  • Once the answering rule is created you will see it appear in the Answering Rules list as shown below. If the time frame you select is in effect, then you will see Active next to the rule.
  • To send calls directly to voicemail afterhours click the edit icon for the default answering rules.
  • On the Edit Answering Rule for the default rule, select Always in the Call Forwarding options then enter your extension, select voicemail, and click save.
  • Then slide the rule with the during business hours selected to the top of the answering rules and the default on the bottom as shown below.

With the configuration, when your extension receives calls during business hours, your extension will ring. After 10 seconds, your cell phone will start ringing in addition to your extension. After 30 seconds have passed, it will ring the receptionist at extension 1003. If no one answers after 45 seconds, the call is sent to your voicemail.

If a call reaches your extension outside of business hour time frame, the Default rule would be active and route the calls directly to your voicemail.

Updated on January 27, 2021

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