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Custom Call Center Agent Status

Call Center Supervisors can add custom agent statuses. Pre-defined statuses are broad descriptions such as “lunch”, “break”, and “available”.  A custom status gives the Supervisor increased granularity on Call Center Reports.

Note that custom statuses are defined as a period of time when the agent is “offline”. These are periods of time when the agent is not available to take calls, such as “appointment” or “bathroom”.  These custom statuses are shared by all agents in the domain/organization and are limited to 8. 

Setting Up Custom Agent Status

1. In the portal, from the Call Center Supervisor or Administrator views, navigate to Settings on the Call Center Home Screen.

Or navigate to Reports from the Call Center screen and click on Setting.

2. In the Call Center Settings view, navigate to Custom Statuses tab.

Click on the blue + symbol to add a new custom agent status. There are a maximum of 8 custom statuses that can be added. Each status can be no longer than 20 characters. Remember that all custom statuses indicate that the user is “offline” on reports.

Click on the pencil icon to edit an existing custom status.

3. Click Save to finish making changes. 

Finding Custom Statuses

Custom statuses are available to agents in two places: in the Call Center Agent home page as part of the portal and in the Smart City Mobile app under the Call Center tab. 

The Call Center Agent is always “offline” when they select a custom status.

Custom Agent Status Reporting

Call Center Supervisors can review and report on the time spent in each custom state.

1. Navigate to the Agent Availability tab in Call Center Reports. Click Table Settings and then check or uncheck custom stats.

2. The Agent Availability reporting table displays the new stats in a similar format to the default, canned statuses.

In the example below, the Call Center Supervisor sees that the user named “Rip ” was at an appointment for 33.9 minutes.  today (90 seconds) and in the bathroom for 0.2 minutes (20 seconds). Total time is reported in minutes. 

Updated on May 22, 2024

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