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Customizable Music on Hold Message

Customizable Music on Hold gives you the ability to insert Music on hold and messages into audio that is already playing while a customer is on hold.  For example, when a customer is on hold, the music can be briefly interrupted with a message such as “Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold and a representative will be with you shortly.” This is often referred to as a comfort message – a message or recording that reassures the caller to not hang up. This message can be used for advertising, to announce scheduling changes, announce promotions or to specify wait times.  You can copy this message and the time between messages is configurable.

Add & Copy Music/Messages

Music can be added and copied from all Music on Hold user interfaces (UI) except for the Domain Level Layout where only the MoH inventory table is available. This section uses the Call Queue MoH Layout as an example for adding and copying music / messages.

1. In the portal, navigate to Call Queues. Across from a call queue, select the option to “Edit MoH”.

2. To add music or messages, click on the respective buttons on the MOH Screen: Add Music or Add Message.

For Music, follow the prompt to upload an audio file and type in a descriptive name.

For Messages, select from the following options:

Message OptionsDescription
Wall Status UpdatesCalculates and announces the estimated wait time and/or current queue position in a call queue.
Text-to-SpeechTranslates your typed message to audio.
UploadAllows you to select a file to upload.
RecordAbility to receive a call to record a message.

3. To change the order or music or message, drag and drop the row. Click Save. Music and messages can be re-ordered at the same time.

4. To copy an existing message, click the Copy icon within the row action tools. Clicking this will add the same message to the bottom of the list with “Copy” appended to the message name.

5. Copy and modify the music from the organization is an available selection in all Music on Hold user interfaces (UI) except for the Domain Level Layout where only the MoH inventory table is available. 

If a user or call queue decides to copy music and/or messages from the organization, these become “static”. While a user’s UI is empty, they are dynamically inheriting their organization’s defaults. 

After choosing to “copy and modify…”, users can then modify or delete these music/messages as needed. This does not modify or delete the message/music from the entire organization. It only modifies it for the user or call queue – whoever is making the change. 

There are two instances where the “copy and modify” option is not available:

  1. If the user has added their own custom music and/or messages.
  2. If the organization does not have music or messages set. 

Randomize Music & Time Between Messages

Previously in the “Settings” modal, randomize music and time between messages is now available in both panels on the Music on Hold page. 

These options are available at all levels except for the Domain Level Layout where only the MoH inventory table is available. 

This section uses the Call Queue MoH Layout as an example for randomizing music and setting the time between messages. 

1. Navigate to the Call Queue screen and select the Edit MoH icon across from a call queue.

Randomize Music randomly orders the music when a user is calling in and is put on hold.

Time Between Messages is a slider (in seconds) of increments of 5. The range is from 15-120 seconds and defaults to 30 seconds. This will set the time between the end of one message and the start of the next one; within each of these breaks the music will resume.


Music and messages are inherited separately. One can be inherited without the other and vice versa. The more granular the level, the more priority. Continue reading for important clauses and things to remember:

Randomize / Time Between

Settings are inherited along with their corresponding table. The setting to “Randomize” is inherited along with music. The setting for “time between messages” is inherited along with messages. 

No Music / No Messages

 A user can set their own music and messages. If the user does not set either of these, they will automatically inherit from first their site and then if their site is empty as well, then finally from their domain. In this specific situation, the Portal will not display what a user has inherited. Inheritance is happening “behind the scenes”. Their tables will appear blank. 

For the user to see and modify what they have inherited, then they must select “copy and modify […] from the organization”. However, at this point, after clicking to copy, now their music/messages are static and no longer dynamically inherited. To revert to dynamically having the latest organization defaults, the user would have to delete all of their rows back to a blank UI. 

Copy & Modify from Site/Organization

The option to “copy and modify” in each of the tables is only present when there is no visible music and there are no visible messages (the user has set neither of them up). After a user has added their own music or their own messages, the option to copy is gone. They can delete all their own added rows in order to view the copy option again. 

“Introduction” Greeting

The introductory greeting is an audio prompt with similar language to this: “Welcome to Company XYZ” It is a greeting-1.wav file managed in the Admin UI of the Core Module.

When it is inherited, this greeting exists in the first row of the Messages table by default. If a user has added custom music to their account, then they will no longer be able to inherit their site or domain “introduction” greeting. 

Updated on February 6, 2023

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