Editing Users

There may be times when you need to edit users, for example, change names, passwords, answering rules, voice mail or phone settings.

  • From the User’s Center, either click a name or hover over a user’s name, click the Edit icon at the far right of the Users page, and then click Profile.

Upon clicking on Profile, you will find the following options to edit/modify. Use the tabs to configure the settings for this user.

  • The Profile option allows you to configure the user’s profile, including caller ID, dial planning, and login password for the selected user.   
  • Use Answering Rules tab to configure time frames and answering rules for the selected user.
  • The Voicemail tab configures voicemail settings for the selected user.
  • Use the Phones tab to configure the phones associated with the selected user.
  • The Advanced tab allows you to reset a user’s setting and date, and to send a welcome email with a link to set up their password and voicemail PIN.
Updated on May 4, 2021

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