Emergency Endpoints

E911 from Smart City provides the ability to create an endpoint that will define the callback number and endpoint billing address for emergency services.  This is different than an emergency address, and an E911 Endpoint has two primary uses: Endpoint ID and Billing Address.

E911 ComponentsDescription
Endpoint IDAlso known as a call back number, the Endpoint ID is a unique identifier needed to route emergency calls.
Emergency Caller ID fieldWhen user E911 addresses are added, the Endpoint is referenced in the Emergency Caller ID field.
Billing AddressProvides a distinct billing address so Smart City know who to bill. NOTE: This address is not the location that the emergency services will respond to.  It is only the billing address for any calls using the Endpoint ID.

Adding an Endpoint

New endpoints are added to the portal through the Administrator’s portal through the Emergency Endpoint section in Inventory. The billing address will be verified and both the Endpoint ID (which will be the Caller ID) and the billing address will be sent to the configured 3rd party carrier.

  1. Open the Smart City Hosted Voice administrator portal.
  2. Click the Inventory icon and then the Emergency Endpoints icon.
  3. Click Add Endpoint button.
  4. Complete the Add Endpoint screen with the following information:
    1. Add the Call Back Number, which will act as the Endpoint ID.  This needs to be the emergency Caller ID for the users and devices that are to use this endpoint.
    1. Enter a new address to be used for billing purposes or select an existing address.
    1. If entering a new address, click the Validate button. The address must be validated before saving.

Setting the Emergency Caller ID for a Newly Created Endpoint

Once you’ve created an Endpoint, you will need to apply the Emergency Caller ID to all users so the system can use this unique identifier to send SIP Invites to the proper endpoint.  This can either be done for all users in the domain or done individually, however it is recommended that all users are set at the same time through the provided tool.

Setting for all users in a domain

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Emergency Endpoints in the Administrator’s Portal and find the endpoint you would like to apply to the domain’s users. Be sure that you are logged in as an Administrator so that all users in the domain will be updated.  If you are logged in as a Site Manager, only the users on the site you manage will be updated.
  2. Click the Apply Endpoint button to the right of the selected Endpoint.
  • After confirmation of the change, all users in the domain will be modified and their emergency Caller ID will be set to that endpoint.

Setting for Individual Users or Devices

This provides a way to optionally update the Emergency Caller ID for individual users or devices instead of applying it to the Domain or Sitewide level.

  1. Navigate to either a user’s profile or a specific device.  Under the Emergency Caller ID dropdown, select the Call Back Number created in the previous step.
  • Click Save.
Updated on December 20, 2022

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