Exporting Call History

You can export the call history in CSV format, and then open the information in Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

1. From the Call History page, click the Export button.

2. When prompted, click Save.

Scheduled Exports

You can also configure a scheduled export by clicking the Scheduled Exports button.  The following Schedule New Export window will pop-up.

Complete the fields and hit the Add button.

Scheduled Export SettingsDescription
NameGive the export a name that you can identify.
TypeThis will allow you to select the frequency that you want the report to run: Monthly – Select the day of the month for the report to runWeekly – Select the day of the week and time of day to startDaily – Select the time you want the report started.Custom – Will allow you to select the period of time you want to capture, the time you would like the export to start, the time zone you want the export calls to be in.  It will allow you configure if you would like the export to repeat and at what interval to repeat.
Also run this export immediatelyAllows you to run this export immediately. It will send an export as soon as the scheduled export has been created.
After CompletionAllows you to determine how you would like to receive the export. Options include: Do nothingEmail attachmentUpload via FTPUpload via SFTP
Email NotificationAllows you to send an email when the export is completed.

The Options tab will allow you to filter for a specific extension. Select if you want the export to include Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Headers, or filter for off-net calls only. You can select the format of the CSV file. 

Click the Add button when you are completed.

After the Schedule export has been created, you can edit any of the options by clicking the edit icon. Download the scheduled export.

Updated on February 7, 2023

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