Filtering Phone Numbers

Using the Filter button, you can filter phone numbers and view only certain numbers you are interested in viewing.  The Filter button allows you to search for phone numbers based on the Phone Number, Treatment, Destination, or Status.

1. Clicking on the Filters button gives the following pop-up window that displays the Phone Number Filters window.

2. Complete the fields per the Phone Number Filter Settings table below.

Filter SettingDescription
Phone numberEnter the phone numbers you want to view.
Enable Time FrameAllows you to configure the phone number to route the call to different destinations throughout the day based off the time frame selected. After selecting Yes, select the time frame for the new rule and time zone drop-down appears. Select a time frame from the drop-down, select the application and destination you would like the call routed to.
TreatmentSelect a treatment for the phone numbers you want to view.  Choices are: Available Number – Shows unassigned telephone numbers. User – Allows you to select a user’s extension in the organization to route calls to. Conference – Allows you to select a conference bridge to send the call to. Call Queue – Allows you to select a call queue to route the phone number to. Voicemail – Routes to the specified user’s voicemail box.Auto Attendant – Routes to a specified Auto Attendant.PSTN Number – Allows you to route the call to another phone number for the call to be sent to. This is helpful if you need to route calls to a 3rd party call center. Fax Server – Routes to a fax number.
Caller ID PrefixYou can add a prefix to the Caller ID before sending it to the destination to help relay information to the person receiving the call such as which telephone number the call came in over.
DestinationEnter the name or extension of the phone destination.
NotesEnter optional notes about this phone number.

3. Click the Filter button. The Phone Numbers tab shows only the phone numbers that match your criteria. If no phone numbers match your criteria, you will get a message that there are no matches to your filter.

Updated on February 7, 2023

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