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Hosted Voice Call Center Features

The Hosted Voice Call Center module offers the following features:

  • Agent Queue Status – Use the web portal to view and control the call queues to which a call agent is currently assigned.
  • Agent Availability Status –Quickly change agent availability status through the web portal or through the use of star codes on the call agent phones.
  • Multiple Call Queues – Manage several call queues simultaneously and make use of skills-based routing to the right agents for the right reasons.
  • Log In/Out of individual call queues – Quickly log in and out of all call queues or individual queues as needed.
  • Custom Queue Hold Music and Call Announcement – Record and upload multiple Music on Hold (MOH) files for different call queues. Record introduction greetings for callers to hear before routing an incoming call.
  • Skills-Based Routing – Set up tiered call routing based on the skill levels of the available call agents.
  • Automatic Callback – Give a caller the choice to have their call returned automatically as soon as a call agent is available, which reduces overall hold time.
  • Real Time Supervisor Dashboard –Use the supervisor-level Call Center dashboard to view and manage call queues and call agent settings, reports, and statistics.
  • Supervisor Listen/Coach – Listen to current call activity, which helps supervisors provide valuable call-agent coaching opportunities.
  • Call Recording and Storage – Ensure customer calls are recorded for training or legal purposes.
  • Record Call Dispositions – Add call resolution detail and notes for each call handled.
  • Call Statistics – View important call-agent and call-queue statistics in visual format for a specified range of time or as a snapshot view.
Updated on May 21, 2021

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