How do I edit my Profile?

The Profile option allows for you to change your account options such as your first or last name, and Time Zone.

Directory Options

Directory options allow you to configure how you are represented in the organization contacts in the Manager Portal and audible company directory.

Announce in Audio Directory

Checking the Announce in Audio Directory will list you in the company directory. Callers will be able to search for your extension when routed to a company directory.

List in Directory

The List in Directory options controls if your extension is listed in the Contacts in the Manager Portal.

Caller ID Information

The Caller ID Information section allows you edit your area code that will be in your Caller ID and appended when only dialing 7 digits on outbound calls. You cannot edit your Caller ID or 911 Caller ID. If you need that changed contact your officer manager.

Change Account Security

The Change Account Security section in the profile windows allows you to manage your passwords and email settings for your account.

Email Address

The Email Address field is the is where you configure your email address you would like to receive notification from. You can add more than 1 email address by clicking the green plus sign next to the email address field.

New Password

The Password field allows you to configure your account with a new Manager Portal password used to login with. Below is the Confirm Password field which requires you to enter the new password a second time for verification.

Current Password

The Current Password field is required to be filled out with your current password if any changes are made to any of the Change Account Security options.

Change PIN

The Change PIN option allows you to change the numeric password used to check voicemail messages over the phone.

Updated on November 18, 2020

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