In this security focused age we live in, Single Sign-On is just one of the many ways Smart City is providing a proactive security solution to ensure your data stays secure, safe, and confidential.  Single Sign-On (SSO) allows Hosted Voice users to remember the credentials of another account to access the power of the Administrator/User Portal.   With the click of a single button, users will automatically be launched into their account.

When users use a separate password for each application, they usually use the same password repeatedly.  This means if one account is breached, the passwords on all accounts are compromised.

SSO enhances the enterprise-level security by reducing the number of user logins to one set of credentials and limiting the number of times the user logs in.

Benefits of Single Sign-On:

  • Limits the number of credentials.
  • Limits the number of times a user logs in a day.
  • Reduces chances of passwords being captured.
  • Ensures proper password protocol.
  • Users are less likely to write passwords down or repeat passwords.
  • Steps users from creating simple or commonly used passwords.
  • Prevents other poor password practices.
Updated on October 19, 2021

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