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Make A Call and Active Calls

The third column in the Attendant Console is the Make a Call column.

Click Make a Call to display a dial pad to dial from the Console. Your desk phone will ring.  Once you answer it, your call will be made.

When you have a call, you’ll see call status, call direction, Caller ID if available, and call handling options.

  • Hold – Click hold to hold the call.  Click again to return the call.
  • Transfer – When you click Transfer, click a destination user from Contacts.  You’ll see options to compete a blind transfer, assisted transfer, or transfer to voicemail. You can also drag and drop the active call to an extension in the Contact section.
  • Park – Parks the call. When Dynamic Parking Enabled, click Park. With it disabled, click Park and then click the target Call Park.
  • End – Terminates the call.
Updated on January 27, 2021

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