Making and Receiving Calls

You can make a call from the Coworkers/Contacts, Voicemail, or Call History screen.

On the Coworkers/Contacts, Voicemail, or Call History screen, a red dial pad icon shows in the lower-right corner.

  1. Press the dial pad icon to open the phone dialer view, where you can make calls.

2. From the Phone Dialer window, dial the internal extension or external phone number of the person you want to contact.

3. When dialing, the top of the dial window shows autocomplete suggestions of other users (coworkers) with numbers that match the current dialing pattern. When dialing is complete, press the green dial icon to begin the call.

TIP: The SIP acronym that shows on the green dial icon stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is used to initiate the voice call session.

You can also make a call from an individual contact profile screen.

  1. From the Coworkers/Contacts screen, find and press on the contact you want to call.

The contact’s profile screen displays.

2. Press the phone icon to the right of the contact, to start the call.

Receiving a Call

When there is an incoming call, the Caller ID displays along with buttons for you to answer or reject the call.

See “Active Call Options (Conference, Transfer, Switch Phone)” for details on the functions available during an active call.

Active Call Options (Conference, Transfer, Switch Phone)

When a call is in progress, the status, dialed number, and call timer will be displayed at the top of the screen along with the following call functions:

  • Mute –Disables the microphone.
  • Speaker – Enables the speakerphone.
  • Hold – Places the other party on hold.
  • Add Call – Enables the user to create a second call that is separate from the first call. Once the second call is connected, you can merge the call in a three-way conference or keep the calls separate with the ability to swap between calls.
  • Dial Pad – Enables you to use digits when dialing into an auto attendant/IVR.
  • Transfer – Transfers the call with a choice to transfer blindly, without a call announcement, or with assisted transfer where the call is announced to the destination party.
  • Switch Phone – Moves the call to other devices you own that support Hosted Voice calls.
  • More – Launches a new window with options to hide call, return to the main view of contacts/history/voicemail or to start recording for on-demand call recording, if enabled on your account.

Contacts – Opens the Contacts screen, which enables you to make a second call, and then optionally merge (conference) or transfer the call.

Chat Messages

Smart City Connect enables you to use chat messaging to communicate with existing contacts or a new number.

  1. From the Coworkers/Contacts screen, press the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen to start a chat.
  2. Press the desired contact’s name. If it is a new contact, type the new phone number and then press the check mark to save the number and open a chat window.
  3. Once the chat window is open, you can send chat messages to and receive messages from the selected contact.
Updated on August 17, 2021

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