Managing Contacts

The Contacts screen shows coworkers as well as contacts from the smartphone (if you allowed smartphone contacts to display in the mobile app). The coworker contacts are synched from the contacts found in the Hosted Voice User Portal.

  • Switching Contacts View – By default, the screen shows the Coworkers contact list. To toggle between coworkers and phone contacts, press the Coworkers/Contacts drop-down arrow at the top of the screen to select which set of contacts to view.
  • Searching Contacts – To filter/search contacts, press the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner, then type a name to filter.
  • Adding Contacts – Press the plus icon in the upper-right corner to open the Add Contact screen. Complete the fields to add a contact and then press the check mark button to save the contact to the coworkers list.
  • Contact View (Edit/Dial) – When viewing the list of contacts, you can press on a contact to view details. The contact’s extension/phone number(s) and email addresses (if available) will be displayed.
    • Press the star icon to toggle the favorites status, when the star is filled white, the contact is selected as a favorite.
    • Press the extension/phone number to call the number directly. Press the email address to launch your email application.
    • Press Edit Contact to make changes to a contact that is in the online Portal only; not a contact that is stored in the smartphone’s contacts list.
Updated on August 17, 2021

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