Managing Phone Hardware

The Phone Hardware tab lists all the devices configured on your organization, It allows you to filter, add, edit, and export information about the phone hardware in your platform.

Add a Phone

You can add phones to your organization and point them to Users by clicking the Add Phone button as shown above. When you click on the Add Phone button, the Add Phone pop-up window will appear.

Select the model of the device you want to add. Then, enter the MAC Address of the device. The user field will appear and allow you to select a user you would like to associate with this device.  The Notes field allows you to add additional information you may find helpful.

Click the Save button.

Basic Phone Settings

ModelTo add a phone, enter the telephone’s make and model.  The remaining fields that appear in this window depend on the make and model selected.
MAC AddressAdding a phone: Enter the telephone’s MAC address. Editing a phone: Read-only field that shows the phone’s MAC address.
LineIf your make and model have one more lines, enter them in these fields. The lines available for selection appear if the Add Phone Extension check box is checked when adding a user.
NotesEnter optional notes about this phone.

Advanced Phone Settings

DirectoryAfter the device has been created, you can click the Edit icon and the Advanced Tab will appear allowing you to configure the device with a directory. The Directory drop down allows for you to configure if the device display by first name or last name. If you would like to create a company directory or your favorite contacts displayed on the device directory. If this setting is available for your make and model of phone, select a directory of this phone.
Preferred ServerIf this setting is available for your make and model of phone, select the preferred server you want to associate with this phone.
Transport MethodSelect a transport method for this phone. Choices are: UDPTCPTLS
Updated on February 7, 2023

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