Music on Hold

The platform has a Music on Hold feature that plays when callers are on hold or waiting in queue. You can precede the first file with an optional introductory greeting.

All Music on Hold tasks are performed from the Music on Hold page.  To display this page, click the Music on Hold icon on the menu bar. This will take you to your account’s Music on Hold center and will list all the custom music uploaded to your account that is played when you place someone on hold. Music is played in a top-to-bottom order or randomized depending on how the queue was created.

A search field at the top left of the page allows you to view the Music on Hold files for a specific user by entering a file name, and then clicking on the magnifying glass icon, as shown above.

The refresh button at the top right side of the page refreshes the information on the page.

Music on Hold Video Tutorial

Updated on November 24, 2020

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