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Navigating the Call Center Supervisor Dashboard

Click the Call Center menu icon to view the Call Center Supervisor Dashboard. This dashboard is designed for supervisors and office managers. You can see an overview of the call center queues, active call statistics, and available call center agents. You can also use this dashboard to generate call center reports and manage call center settings.

Important! Call Center Supervisors can use an agent seat to answer inbound calls within a queue. Also, Supervisors can only make changes to call queue agents who have Call Center Agent user scope assigned.

NOTE: If you are logged in as an office manager, you may need to click the Manage Organization link at the top of the Hosted Voice Home Page to see the Call Center menu icon and Supervisor dashboard. We recommend that office managers do not use a Call Center Supervisor seat license.

The following table describes each part of the Call Center Supervisor Dashboard:

Updated on May 21, 2021

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