Recording a Greeting

To record a greeting:

  • From the Settings tab located in the Messages page, click the speaker icon.
  • A Manage Greeting box will pop-up. Click Add Greeting in the lower right corner.  The New Greeting box will pop-up that will allow you to either record a greeting via Text-to-Speech, Upload a greeting or Record a greeting.
  • To record a new greeting, click Record.
  • In the Call me at field, enter a number to call. This can be an extension or another telephone number such as your cell phone.
  • In the Greeting Name field, enter a name for this greeting.
  • Click the Call button.
  • At the prompt, record the new greeting.  When you finish the greeting, press #.
  • Click Add Greeting at the bottom of the Manage Greetings page, and then click Done to close the page.
Updated on January 27, 2021

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