Recording a Menu Prompt

The Menu Prompt will allow you to record a message to let callers know what digits will route them to an application or destination.

From the Auto Attendants page, under Menu Prompt, click the button that says “Click to add a new menu prompt” or click the edit icon to the right of the box.

The Manage Audio box will pop-up where you can either upload or record a new greeting.

To Upload a new greeting, select the Upload button, add a description. Click the Browse button to find the MP3 or WAV file you want to use for your greeting.  Click the file and click Open. Click Upload.

To Record a new greeting, you must enter a description and a number. In the Call me at field, enter the number to call you (either an extension or a cell phone number) and click Call. Your phone will be called. At the prompt, record the new greeting, and the press # when you finish your recording.

Updated on November 18, 2020

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