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Recording Intro Greetings and Menu Prompts

Once the Auto Attendant has been created, click the Intro to Record to record the first message the caller will hear.  Each Auto Attendant can have an optional introductory greeting that plays when a call is directed to the Auto Attendant followed by the menu prompt. An example of an introductory greeting might be:

Thank you for calling ABC Company. Our offices are now closed.”

A menu prompt might be:

“Press 1 for sales, press 2 for service, or press 0 for operator assistance.”

Separating intro greetings into menu prompts allows you to change greetings for holidays or night-time hours without having to re-record the entire message.

From the Auto Attendants page, click the name or extension that you want to manage the greeting.

Clicking on the speaker next to the Intro Greetings will display the Manage Greeting window. 

A Manage Greetings pop-up window will appear.  You can either upload a new greeting or record a new one. Then you can select a time frame for that message so it will only play during the selected time frame.

Add your intro greeting.

To upload a new greeting, click Upload. Click the Browse button to find the MP3 or WAV file you want to use for your greeting.  Click the file and click Open. Click Upload.

To record a new greeting, click Record.  In the Call me at field, enter the number to call you (either an extension or a cell phone number) and click Call. Your phone will be called. At the prompt, record the new greeting, and the press # when you finish your recording.

Updated on November 18, 2020

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