Start a New Chat

To start a new conversation, click the New Conversation button and a new chat window will appear.  Start typing the user’s name or press down to see a list of everyone in the organization you can select from.  Opening the Contacts in the lower right corner will open up a list of everyone in the organization.  Click the chat box next to their name. After clicking one of the options, a chat window will appear.

Click in the Send a Message field and start typing in the chat box that opens. Press Enter to send your message.

Replying to a Chat Message

If you would like to reply to a message, simply type in the chat window that displays when receiving a message. You can also click the Reply icon to the right of the message center.

Deleting a Chat Message

To delete a message, click the red X that appears next to the reply button when hovering over the message.

Updated on January 27, 2021

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