Time Frames

The Time Frames icon will take you to the Time Frames application center. Time Frames are a set period of time which covers when you want certain events to occur, such as your phone to ring.

Time Frames are created with different time and date ranges so you can apply them to Answering Rules which then allow you to control how calls are routed, depending on the time of the day that the call occurs.

To view and create your available Time Frames, click on the Time Frame icon in the menu bar to see all the time frames available for you. Time Frames with names in black and without the option to edit or delete are time frames created at the domain level that are available for everyone to use.  You can only edit Time Frames with the blue name that you created. If you need domain level Time Frames changed, contact your Hosted Voice Administrator.

Time Frames Video Tutorial

Updated on January 27, 2021

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