Time Frames

The Time Frames icon will take you to the Time Frames application center. Time Frames are a set period of time which covers when we want certain events to occur, such as what hours is the phone to ring. Time Frames are created with different time and date ranges so we can apply them to answering rules, which then allow you to control how calls are routed depending on the time of the day the call occurs.

Using Time Frames, you can tell the platform about the times when your office is open, closed, or celebrating a holiday. Time Frames do not go into effect until you apply a time frame to an answering rule or Auto Attendant greeting. When the time frames are applied, the first matching time frame becomes active.

To view and create your available Time Frames, click on the Time Frame icon in the top of the navigation menu bar.  All Time Frame tasks are performed from the Time Frames page.

A search field at the top left of the page allows you to review a specific user’s personal time frames by entering a user time frame and then clicking the magnifying glass icon as highlighted above.

Time Frames Video Tutorial

Updated on November 24, 2020

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