Viewing a Board

Below are some of the buttons and actions you can expect to see in the app bar when viewing a board:

  • Edit board: Enters the board edit mode where you can change the cards and contents of the board.
  • Copy board: Copies a board and create a duplicate that will appear in your list of boards. Copied boards have all content and settings from the original board.
  • Delete board: Permanently deletes a board so that it is no longer viewable.
  • Board settings: See the “Board settings” section.
  • Favorite board: Sets the board as a favorite so that it shows in your list of favorite boards on the side navigation panel.
  • Share board: See the “Sharing a board” section.
  • Enter full screen: Toggles between normal and full screen viewing.
  • More and filters: The “more” menu provides a shortcut to specific card actions. If the card has filters on its data set, the filters button will also display.
    • Edit card
    • Copy card
    • Delete card
Updated on May 21, 2021

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