Welcome to Hosted Voice eFax!

Welcome to the Hosted Voice eFax User Guide. Hosted Voice eFax is a web-based fax application that allows you to send and receive faxes using email or the Hosted Voice portal.

eFax is designed for those who prefer to use electronic faxing only, without the need to interface with a traditional fax machine.

With a host of fax features, you can use eFax to effortlessly sign, edit, and organize your faxes electronically. eFax supports multiple file types, including .pdf, .docx, .jpg, and more.

NOTE: This guide focuses on the features and options available for the Hosted Voice eFax application only. For those who prefer to use a physical fax machine; plus, get the highest level of reliability but also want the option to use the electronic features, Smart City offers a vFax Faxbridge service.

For detailed information about vFax Faxbridge, contact your Smart City Senior Account Executive. 

Updated on September 8, 2021

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