Welcome to Hosted Voice Softphone!

Welcome to the Hosted Voice Softphone User Guide. Hosted Voice Softphone is a web-based VOIP phone application that allows you to stay connected when away from the office. With a host of softphone features, you get all the functionality of a business phone on a computer or mobile device. Whether working remote or simply on-the-go, as a Hosted Voice Softphone user you can stay connected to the office no matter where you are working.

No matter where you are, you can make and receive calls from any computer with an Internet connection. From a client’s office, hotel room, airport, or even a coffee shop, you simply boot up your computer and have your phone ready to go. Instead of a desk phone, all you need is a headset for optimal call quality, just like you are in the office.

NOTE: This guide focuses on the features and options available for Hosted Voice Softphone application only. For detailed information about using the other Hosted Voice features and services, see the “Hosted Voice Administrator User Guide” and the “Hosted Voice User Guide.”

Updated on August 13, 2021

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