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Working with Active Phones

Depending on the company, a call center agent is assigned one or more physical or softphones to handle calls within a queue.

Call Center allows you to manage availability for each assigned phone. Use the Call Center Agent dashboard to set active phone status.

To activate a phone:

  • In the ACTIVE PHONES >> section of the Call Center Agent dashboard, click the check box next to each phone you want to make active. You can have more than one phone active at a time.
  • Click the check box again to clear the checkmark and make the phone inactive.

When a phone is inactive, no calls are routed to the agent’s phone extension that is associated with that phone.

NOTE: Before a phone can receive inbound calls from a queue, the agent’s phone extension must be added to the queue. An Office Manager or Call Center Supervisor can add or remove agent phones from a queue using the Call Queue menu on the Hosted Voice menu bar. See the “Hosted Voice Administrator User Guide” for more information about adding call agent phones to a call queue.

NOTE: If you are logged in as a call agent, you can click on ACTIVE PHONES >> to access the Phones page where you can view your currently assigned phones and access the Smart City Connect mobile app download page. See the “Hosted Voice User Guide” for more information about the Phones page.

Updated on May 21, 2021

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