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Working with Recent Call History

The Call Center Agent dashboard enables an agent to view their recent call history, make callbacks using the phone numbers in the list, and add disposition reason and notes to a call.

Viewing Recent Call History

In the RECENT CALL HISTORY >> section, each call displays with the phone number and caller name, if possible, as well as the duration of the call.

A phone icon shows next to each call, which indicates the following call statuses:

  • A phone icon with a green arrow indicates an outbound call.
  • A phone icon with a red arrow indicates a call was not answered.
  • A phone icon with a blue arrow indicates an inbound call was answered.
  • 5 blue circles indicate that a call was placed to a conference bridge.

If a phone number shows with a blue hyperlink, you can click the phone number to call it using one of the active phones.

NOTE: You can click on RECENT CALL HISTORY >> to access the Call History page where you can manage additional call history detail. See the “Hosted Voice Administrator User Guide” and the “Hosted Voice User Guide” for more information about managing call history detail.

Adding a Disposition Note to a Recent Call

If needed, you can add a call disposition and note to a call.

To add a disposition note to a call:

  • In the RECENT CALL HISTORY >> section, click the note icon next to the recent call. The Notes dialog box displays.
  • Complete the following options and then click Save store the call disposition note.
Updated on May 21, 2021

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